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BAHANDIAN Repository Guide: FAQs

Guide to the Bahandian Institutional Repository

About FAQs

Browse for frequently asked questions about BAHANDIAN Institutional Repository.

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Frequently Asked Questions



The institutional repository is an 'online library' for researches by CPU faculty, students, and partners. It includes journal articles, CPU research publications, theses, special papers, and dissertations. It allows easy access and citation of researches.

How can I access BAHANDIAN?

BAHANDIAN can be accessed at

How do I search BAHANDIAN?

See How to use and search BAHANDIAN tab on this guide.

How can I submit my work to BAHANDIAN?

See Submit your work tab on this guide

Do I need to register in BAHANDIAN?

No, the registration is for library staff and for faculty submitting their works in the repository.

Can I access the full-text of theses and dissertations in BAHANDIAN?

Yes, with the permission of the author. If the author does not allow it, we cannot share the full text as unpublished materials' copyright belong to the author.

However, at the moment only the abstracts are digitized and we are still in the process of digitizing full-text theses, dissertations, and other research works. It may take some time to answer your request as we need to secure the author's permission and scan/digitize the content (for materials with no existing digital copies).

If you request a copy of part or full-text of a research work, we will send a temporary link to download the file. This link will expire after seven (7) days. Sharing and redistribution of materials sent is discouraged.

Are all theses, dissertations, and research works in the library included in BAHANDIAN?

At the moment, only theses and dissertations from the Graduate Studies Library and research works of CPU faculty are included. We are continually updating the repository to be as comprehensive as possible.

To search our library collections, go to the Destiny Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC).

What does "Bahandian" mean?

“Bahándìan” is a Hiligaynon term for a container of treasure. This name was chosen as the repository symbolizes a ‘treasure trove’ of valuable scholarly works.